紅 姑 夫 婿 朱 家 鼎 病 逝
Former movie actress, Cherie Chung Chor Hung's husband, Mike Chu Ka Ding, died of cancer on 8/24/2007.
Loving intellectual men, Cherie Chung chose advertising mogul, Mike Chu, as her life-long partner.

Former movie actress, Cherie Chung Chor Hung's husband, Mike Chu Ka Ding, died of cancer last week. Mike died at the age of 53, leaving the 47 year-old Cherie as a young widow.

Cherie was an extremely popular movie actress in the 1980's and 1990's. In 1979, she competed in the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and won the Most Photogenic award. Although she was not placed in the top three, Cherie's beauty attracted movie producers and her career flourished. In her 12 year acting career, she starred in over 60 movies alongside superstars such as Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung, Danny Chan, Andy Lau, etc.

Mike Chu founded an advertising empire, Synergie (靈智廣告) and won 200+ awards internationally and in Hong Kong. In 1986, he won Hong Kong's 4A Golden Creativity Award and earned his first $10 million (HKD) one year later. His company merged with The Ball Partnership Advertising Company in 1988. In the same year, the combined company was selected by a magazine as the third most creative advertising company in the world.

Mike and Cherie were married happily for 15 years and will now be separated by Mike's death. In 1979, Mike, who had just entered the advertising industry, met the young Cherie, who had just competed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant. But their friendship did not strengthen until 1984, when Mike asked Cherie to star in a Puma athletics ad. In 1987, Cherie and Mike started dating and got married 4 years later in Los Angeles, USA.

Last Friday, on August 24th, rumors of Mike's death circulated. Reporters immediately contacted the Chu family and Mike's friends to confirm his death. Mike's elder brother, Chu Ka Yan, dodged reporters' questions, while Cherie disappeared. The Chu family was very protective, but Mike's friends confirmed his death.

During Mike's illness, he received various treatments at the hospital. His illness was publicly revealed in May 2007, when the press took a photo of him at a doctor's office. The 6 feet tall Mike was literally skin-and-bones, wasting down to only 130 pounds. He lost approximately 50 pounds from his old weight. Tabloids ran headlines of "Mike Chu Seeks Doctor to Cure Mysterious Illness." At the time, Mike sought an acupuncturist for pain management. The Chu family also used Chi Kung to manage Mike's illness.

Mike and Cherie continued to reveal details of Mike's illness. Cherie said that her husband lost weight due to an excessive diet, while Mike said he had a lower back disease. Later rumors claimed that Mike had rectal cancer, but the real cause of his death remained unconfirmed.

Allegedly, Mike often suffered lower back pain, leading to insomnia. The severe pain affected his appetite and caused him to lose weight. Mike originally had stomach cancer, but it spread to his large intestine.

Mike battled cancer for 3 years and finally sought an acupuncturist to relieve his pain. With the reduced pain, Mike was able to sleep at night. Family members thought his illness was heading for a positive turn, but unfortunately the cancer finally took Mike's life.

Mike Chu's funeral rites will take place on August 31st and his body will be cremated. His remains have already been transported to a funeral parlor and a Catholic ceremony will be held. To suit Mike's low-key personality, only close family members will be present.

Source: Mingpao

帛金捐給華仁「One Family Foundation」

鍾楚紅夫婿朱家鼎因罹患大腸癌於上周五離開人間,為了他退出娛圈的紅姑為此傷心欲絕,一直足不出戶。直至今日,才通過報章刊登訃聞,決定於本周六在先夫的母校華仁書院的教堂舉行追思彌撒,並將所有帛金捐給華仁書院的「One Family Foundation」。